Abinava Pradhan
Calico Centre

Located within downtown Toronto, Ontario, The Calico Center acts as a circus arts sports facility that offers both youth and adults an opportunity to participate in a creative active lifestyle.

This sports facility offers a spacious trapeze hall, a well-equipped strength training facility, and a dance room. The design is organized to circulate around the different demographic of users and their experience of each space. It uses different levels of transparency to promote circus arts and still maintain a sense of privacy to draw attention to the main focus of my design, the trapeze hall. Ceramic printed glasses are used around the ground level to decorate the main viewing space while using translucent and masharbiya patterns for the double skin to allow silhouettes of people using the space to act as a living art piece. The perforated screen would allow for light to filter through and create patterns on the floor of the main space to act as spotlights for performers.

Additionally, there is a designated space for a green roof as a perforated surface and rain catchers along the sawtooth roof to water the rooftop garden on the third or roof level.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.