Alex Hieu Minh Tran

Drawing Stories

From the assemblage that has been previously created, this project continues the exploration of drawings. Using several conventions of drawing such as plans, elevations, sections and much more, compose a drawing of the assemblage as an occupied structure. To achieve this, some considerations should be made, such as the place where the structure is going to be located (somewhere around Allan Gardens), the scale, the use and the additional needs for it to allow the occupation.

Building Stories

Stories, overall, are all about experience, and the building is a story to guide people through the experience, such as calm, playful and energetic. Located on the south side of the Allan Garden, the building is a hub of entertainment and commercial for the surrounding community and people to help them achieve maximum comfort without any barriers. The building includes a café, an office and a multi-purpose performing space. Neutral colour in the materials emphasizes and creates a space of comfort, warmth and welcome. Also, as a rectilinear form, the building itself is being crafted with elegant yet simple elements to emphasize the beauty of minimalism and define the open space for the inhabitants.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.