embedded: The Interface of the Physical, Virtual, and Social

The unprecedented access to and abundance of media in contemporary society has changed how we experience and perceive our surroundings by subjecting us to fragmented realities. The physical and virtual spaces traditionally associated with socialization, entertainment, work, and sleep overlap, intertwine, and intermingle creating hybrid spaces. Through early design explorations and analysis, the bed was identified as one such hybrid space. The activities and interactions associated with the desk, the dining table, and the couch collapse upon the bed. In examining the role of the bed as an interface of the physical, virtual, and social, seventeen beds were analyzed and broadly categorized as:

  • Social Beds
  • Private Beds
  • Media Beds
  • Unconventional Beds

This exploration of the changing roles of the bed over time served as precedent study for the resulting architectural project.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.