YEAR 3 & 4

Annette Chan—GreenSaver Roger Algie Scholarship

About the Award 
For a student in the Building Science option with the highest third-year CGPA.

School for the Industrial Arts
In collaboration with Rija Khan

The School for the Industrial Arts is a university campus located in the Lower Junction Triangle.  It is a community hub for the promotion of industrial design within the surrounding neighbourhood.  Through studio spaces, classrooms, a library, lecture hall and gallery, the project provides design spaces for students and the public to learn, build and exhibit their work. 

Each wing of the project features spiral circulation which promotes the cross-pollination of the different users of the building, encouraging the flow of thoughts and ideas between these groups.

The project is detailed with exposed structural elements and building materials.

These aspects seek to reflect the industrial nature of the project, while also inspiring the design and fabrication work within the school.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.