Antonela Kelava

Request for Proposal: Coventry University Satellite Campus in Barcelona, Spain

In this Assignment, you will be responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new Coventry University Campus International Centre, located in Barcelona, Spain. The Client is Coventry University, United Kingdom.

As a firm with design and build expertise, you going to develop a Response to this Request for Proposal, which is principally to convince Coventry University that your firm is the right one to design and build their new Barcelona campus.

On September 10 and September 17, 2021 at 200 PM EDT, Coventry University will conduct a Briefing for all interested firms. Just as like in the real world, the Client will outline at best a list of specific requirements and at worst a very vague outline of his general requirements.

Some general information may be given which will help you to get started. However you will need to take stock of the details and plan out how you can achieve their Project goals. You should not make any assumptions that the information or data provided are all correct and current. You will need to be creative, proactive and motivated to demonstrate to them why your design-and-build firm should one the one they should choose.

The University should be a champion of good design in all areas. This should be achieved by creating external spaces which are of an appropriate quality within a major city context, by commissioning buildings which will stand the test of time and setting standards of accessibility and security through well considered design.

Your Response should not be simply to propose a building. In the real world there are monetary, site and environmental constraints. Not only should your Proposal meets the Coventry University’s needs, it should also be within their budget. It should of course also be buildable within their time frame.

Your firm will also have to deal with many other construction-related issues. As you are also bidding to construct the building, you will need fluency with the many key stages involved in a construction project. Not least due consideration with environmental, sustainability and site safety.

In his briefing, the Client may also identify some of the problems he wants you to evaluate and propose potential solutions. You should evaluate carefully your proposed solutions, that they are appropriate, possible and feasible.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.