Ariel Weiss


Located adjacent to the AGO in downtown Toronto, Grange Park is a historic park - turned active outdoor space for its surrounding residents. With the growing number of residents who live close to the park, as well as visitors who might use the park occasionally, Grange Park acts as a “backyard space” for its users. In creating a performance pavilion, Superimposition not only attempts to impose a new program onto the park but also strives to maintain and extend its existing program at the same time. The Pavilion is composed out of two mirrored forms. One being an extension of the existing program, and the other being an imposition of a new one. In using two opposing forms, the pavilion can achieve its dichotomous program. Its thin-shell concrete structure allows the upper form to maintain a subtle and informal program during the day, while its lower foundational form supports a distinct and formal program at night. The relationship between both of the two forms then becomes an embodiment of the coexistence between site and program.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.