Christopher Cleland

Museum of Architecture:
the emissary.

It is light that reveals moments of phenomenological satisfaction in architecture, since vision is our most accessible channel for experiencing it. Light is essentially the apparatus that allows the eye to perceive elements of architecture; Light unveils the truth of architecture.

Light may alter our perception of materiality by its colour, texture, and pattern. Light may also reveal partial symmetries by use of elements that process light from other elements (reflectance). Light reveals atmosphere and establishes the pervading mood of a space. Above all, light is the catalyst that distinguishes the ‘thing’ that is revealed and the absence of the ‘thing’ apart from one another.

This museum explores the phenomenon of light as an emissary of truth, rather than light as an element itself. The existence of all architecture is dependent upon this dialogue of light, as explored through the operations of texture, kinetics, and atmosphere in the museum. The museum highlights this dialogue between the ‘thing’ and the absense of the ‘thing’, as a result of light as a catalyst.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.