Cooper Hollett

Scanlon Adventure House

Scanlon Adventure House is located at the underutilized Discovery Play Garden at Scanlon Creek Conservation Area. Adventure house seeks to provide a space for children to ex- plore and challenge their limits by presenting multiple ob- stacles for them to overcome. The crude construction of Ad- venture House symbolically represents the foundations of the understanding ones self through creative play and imagina- tion whilst the form of the architecture is representative of the beautiful simplicity of life as a child. The form intentionally does not enforce its own image onto the children but rather acts as a canvas for their imaginations to run wild as they engage with the structure. Adventure house responds to its immediate context by gently gesturing away from the tree behind Adven- ture House whilst its construction is inspired by established structures on site, the Mud Kitchen and a gathering pavilion.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.