Devanshi Jagota

There’s no place like home: “Small Homes” for Long Term Care

Reimagining Long Term Care - Carefree Lodge

There is a need to architecturally reimagine how we design residential environments for the aged. The current institutional or “operations-centered” approach to Long Term Care is somewhat efficient for operators, but has not created home-like, health-promoting environments for residents. A “resident centered” approach is needed. The following design steers away from the current 32 bed RHA (residence home areas) model and explores the "small home" model with clusters of 8-12 room RHA. These clusters share their own living and dining area, activity space, and connection to the outdoors to accelerate residents' well-being and environment. Connection to nature through five senses was a big design concept in order to minimize hostility and maximize healing. Elements such as courtyards, natural water features, rooftop gardening, balconies, connection to the ravine and brain stimulating activities were designed to create a home away from home.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.