Competition Studio:

Brief: To address the transition in the curriculumfrom only academic oriented learning to one thatinfuses an innovative model, the physical builtenvironment needs an upgrade too. The challengehere is to design a high school where the space itselfinstigates this ideology. The site chosen for this project is located in the Birchcliff neighbourhood in the old district of Scarborough. It is an old quarry site that is nowused for city’s redevelopment and urban planning. The site consists of a pre-school, petrol station, and a few stores in its immediate vicinityand is a part of a predominantly residential area. The “School of Thought” is aimed at serving the children in the neighbourhood of Birchcliffand it’s others in close proximity.
Area: ~25,000 m2
Height limit: 15 m (49.21ft)
Max. Built Up Area: 7500 m2

What is the school of the future?
The school of the future is a learning hub that offers no classrooms.

It is a centre for creative thinking and home for students to get hands-on experience. Education means growing and learning about everyday life. School of thought aims to create flexible spaces to teach students what they need to know for their life and how they can improve practical skills. The design of the school aims to encourage movement, collaboration, and togetherness by creating vibrant seating areas and flexible collaborative spaces. The school offers Digital Fabrication Lab, 3D Printing, Robotics, Visual and Performing Art programs which encourages students to learn while experiencing. There is a huge lecture hall located on the second floor on the north west side of the building right above the entrance. It activates the entrance and makes it more welcoming. The nuclear of the building is featured by a massive eye-catching glass box that accommodates the main workshops. A clear visual connection is created by setbacking the floors, to encourage collaboration and teamwork. A huge projected outstanding staircase is located on the south side of the building, which not only connects the floors but also highlights the interior-exterior connection. The north side of the building features a series of ramp staircases that connect the basement courtyard all the way up to the third floor to the exterior event space.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.