Emily Liu & Patryk Banel

Request for Proposal: Coventry University Satellite Campus in Barcelona, Spain

Project Brief:

In this Assignment, we will be responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new Coventry University Campus International Centre, located in Barcelona, Spain. The Client is Coventry University, United Kingdom. As a firm with design and build expertise, we are going to develop a Response to this Request for Proposal, which is principally to convince Coventry University that your firm is the right one to design and build their new Barcelona campus.

Executive Summary:

Coventry University seeks a highly qualified firm to provide a comprehensive design solution with the aim to create an international campus centre in Barcelona, Spain (Av. del Litoral 08019). The proposed building should consider monetary, site and environmental constraints to develop a cohesive and creative concept. Through intensive research and thorough analysis, SPEK I.C. would like to recommend the following building proposal for the future development of Coventry University Campus’ International Centre.

The proposed building’s gross floor area is a total of 5,198 meters squared with two storeys. Cost of project construction is estimated at 15.7 million euros with a construction duration of 44 weeks. The project, when including design and post construction activities, has a total approximated duration of 112 weeks.

The proposal, located in the northeast corner of the site, forms both a visual and physical connection to the city of Barcelona. Glazing along the south-facing facades invites daylight while sections of the building, including the ground floor restaurant, open out to the landscaped parks and pathways. The site, as proposed, allows many opportunities for future development as the campus and its associated facilities expand.

The project team at SPEK I.C. proposes several advanced and sustainable technologies; the structure is an exemplar of innovative methods of construction which achieves a BREEAM Very Good rating. Integrated innovations include but are not limited to smart building technologies which adapt to users, water source cooling, air source heat pumps, and passive design strategies which optimize the performance of this mass timber structure.

The following design proposal seeks to exceed the expectations and standards set by Coventry University. Upon completion of construction, SPEK I.C. will conduct a thorough post-occupancy review to ensure client and user satisfaction, thus maintaining the firms commitment to excellence.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.