Current Exhibition:
DAS Community Building

This exhibition demonstrates more than innovations in digital design, fabrication techniques, materials research, and logistics control; it showcases students provoking the status quo in bringing their ideas to a built reality.


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Eyes on the Street

This modest installation plays on one of Jane Jacob's three characteristics of successful neighbourhoods, notably the need for "Eyes on the Street." A playful take on Jacob's tenet for safe and engaged communities, this installation requests and initiates interaction with the public. By day, the installation serves as an engaging matrix supporting stylish eye-wear, while in the evening the static form comes to life. The installation also plays on the depth and field of vision of each individual, ad one perceives it differently at various angles.

With the sunset, the array of lights within the matrix illuminate behind the eye-wear in response to the activity on the street and sidewalk outside the storefront.

Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.