Florencio IV Gamboa Tameta—Sepp Hannikainen Memorial Award
About the Award
For an undergraduate student who is currently enrolled full-time in the 3rd or 4th year of the Bachelor of Architectural Science degree program.

I had a vague idea on architecture. But it only took 1 month in architecture school to realize the opportunity it gives; the opportunity to leave a mark in the world in a tangible way.

In my second year, I joined the project team for a design-build competition called Icebreakers, a city initiative encouraging activity along the Toronto waterfront during the winter season. We designed an art installation called Tripix, displayed at HTO Park and Nathan Phillips Square from January 2019 to March 2019. It was featured in architectural magazines including Canadian Architect and ArchDaily, bringing meaningful attention to student work at the Department of Architectural Science (DAS). This project challenged me to take on a leadership role and delegate tasks to 40+ volunteers throughout prefabrication and on-site installations. Throughout this process, my relationships with peers were strengthened as we worked together towards a single goal. Tripix encapsulated DAS as a community, showcasing our ability to successfully come together for a common purpose.

Moving forward, I found interest in mentoring students, to pass down what I have learned and help translate ideas onto paper. In my third and fourth year, I mentored three students in the ACU Mentorship Program, offering guidance for theory and studio courses. Now, as a returning co-op student, I am a Co-op Peer Advisor, mentoring 20 students throughout their job search. In both positions, I aim to make a smoother experience in school and co-op, to pay it forward and continue our program’s success.

Team Members for Tripix: Tatiana Estrina, Gloria Zhou, Vivian Kinuthia, Thomas Gomez-Ospina

Images taken by Gregor Tratnik and Devanshi Jagota

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.