Florencio IV Tameta

Tokyo Studio - Final Design: Tama Plaza Research Centre

The Tama Plaza Research Centre is located at the current base of the WISE Living Lab located in Tama Plaza, Yokohama, Japan. It is imagined to build on the goals of the WISE Living Lab that re-think the implementation of food-energy-water (FEW) in future suburban developments and initiate Tama Plaza’s role in developing sustainable urban farming models that can be recreated locally and internationally.

The research centre becomes a place for protoyping urban farming practices that are implemented across the neighbourhood while growing produce that can be shared with locals. The ground floor aims to provide local-friendly spaces such as storefronts and multipurpose spaces that use locally sourced produce and a community garden that shares knowledge through applied learning. The second and third floor are dedicated to administrative and research-based spaces including offices, breakout rooms and research labs. Vertical farms are found throughout the project, extending multiple floors and being central to how researchers and visitors experience the centre. Whether a local of Tama Plaza or an employee within the research centre, there is a constant visual connection to the growing of food.

The Tama Plaza Research Centre aims to become an incubator for urban farming production and encourage the development of a self-sustaining neighbourhood.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.