Oneiric Architecture: Perceptions of Reality

No two people will experience a space the same since their subjective experience is based on their experiences and knowledge. How they interact, what they see, feel, hear, and smell, and what serves as a landmark in space become memories that alter how one perceives places.

The boundlessness of oneiric space establishes numerous realities and perceptions of space for one to explore, react, and feel. Oneiric spaces are remarkably inexact and eccentric. At the same time, one’s memory, imagination, and dreams are contextualized through architecture, contrastingly understood as precise and coherent.

Repressed within the unconscious, the uncharted qualities of creativity and vulnerability characteristic to oneiric architecture creates an influential exchange between body and space, informing and expanding the boundaries of spatial thinking. Oneiric architecture serves as a means of questioning what defines architecture and how space is presented through the exploration of architecture’s speculative and creative attributes.

level 1-3 room plan [1] garage, [2] storage, [3] bathroom, [4] studio, [5] restroom, [6] bedroom
level 4-7 room plan [1] living room, [2] office, [3] closet, [4] bedroom, [5] formal dining, [6] water closet, [7] sink area, [8] informal dining, [9] kitchen
level 8-9 room plan [1] bedroom, [2] restroom, [3] storage

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.