YEAR 3 & 4

Gabriel Garofalo—Toronto
Ingenium Group Jack Lemay Memorial Award

About the Award
For demonstrated awareness and accomplishment in construction technology and a record of academic excellence.

Student Design Centre: My Concept & Exploring Constructability

The Student Design Centre was a project that aimed to define architecture as a median of education. This building utilized distinctive, and modern construction methods and materials to bring a harmony and understanding to the students of the facility. The site for the Design Centre was historically a copper casing factory, so elements of industrial design and craftsmanship were introduced. Sustainability was also a factor in the design and heavy timber construction was utilized. CLT construction was explored and detailed in an exposed manner, in order to educate the new generation of designers. The stairs are an area of focus, this central space is wrapped in perforated copper-plated sheets. The reflective qualities of the metal bounce ambient light from the openings above down to the lower levels, spreading natural light throughout the building. The copper-plated panels, industrial mesh façade, CLT members and many of the chosen materials were explored through various detailing components. Through this detail exploration, the Student Design Centre was able to utilize its materiality to denote an overall understanding of construction and craftsmanship.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.