Lorraine Roy, Menaka Wijayanayagam, Savannah Baker
Urban Chair: Urban Illumination

Neglected space can be found in all urban settings. We define neglected spaces as areas in the city that are underused because they lack a certain liveliness, making them unwelcoming. Our solution is to create a vibrant energy by animating these spaces. By utilizing LED lights and sensors, Urban Illumination creates an interactive and playful experience. When activated, the blocks illuminate the otherwise dark space, transforming the environment. The user engages with the modular furniture by interacting with them, which causes the LEDs to change their colour as they sense certain movements. The blocks light up blue when the user approaches them. When the user sits on top of the blocks, they change to a pink hue. If the user connects the blocks together, the lights change to a yellow colour. The hexagonal shape allows for the blocks to be connected in a variety of ways making them adaptable to the people utilizing them. The individual hexagons can come together to form playgrounds, stages, and many other social formations depending on the user’s desired activity. By using recycled high density polyethylene plastic and recycled wood, the blocks are also eco-friendly. Urban Illumination is made to uplift their communities and create a lasting impact.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.