Jodie Chau, Sheng Chen, Tanya Svitak, Victoria Watson, Yuliana Goldayeva, Zijian Sun
Timber in the City: "Y"IMBER

The concept of this building is based on the rich history of the city. Being the city that rose from the ashes after the Civil War, and being a center of the human rights movement in 1960s, the building has to talk to the city’s rich past, connect to the current values and show flexibility. The purpose of this multi-use building is to create a space made for everyone, connecting the outdoors with the indoors while connecting with the art community of Atlanta. The timber construction works great with the concept, because like Atlanta, the wood is strong but flexible. Additionally, wood brings nature inside and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, while projecting strength. Consequently, it is an ideal material for this project. The project intertwines with the communities core philosophies and help to provide a space to continue inspiring and educating the community as a whole. This urban habitat atop a transportation hub contains elements of Atlanta’s diverse arts while bringing the community together. It is an equitable living space open to both visitors and locals equally. The intention of the project is to be inviting and inclusive, create an atmosphere of warmth, meanwhile, project strength and dominance due to its rich past.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.