Madina Koshanova, Gurmu Tesemma, Julia Sider
A Bridge to a View:
Credit River Bridge

Located in Mississauga’s Port Credit, the bridge connects two major parks, set on the water of the Credit River. JJ Plaus park, which wraps around the marina, and JC Saddington Park, offering trails, picnicking and a small pond, provide a variety of activities for the pedestrian visiting the waterfront. Provided this area gets a lot of foot traffic, the intention was to design a bridge that would adjoin these two parks to provide people with an efficient way of getting from one to the other, offering views of the water and the harbourfront, allowing pedestrians to pause and observe. In doing this, the design breaks the bridge into three levels, becoming an extension of the parks.

Taking inspiration from the nearby marina filled with countless boats and yachts, we have used a series of steel columns joined to tension rods to suspend an awning over the sight-seeing portion of the bridge. This bridge is an extension of the parks by leaving the jogging and biking paths uncovered, consistent with the walking and biking trails in the nearby area, while providing seating for the look out.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.