Joechelle Faye Bonifacio, Raand Al-Oraibi
A Bridge to a View: Vue De I’île

The Vue De I’île is a bridge located in center island that not only provides a pathway for people to cross, but a place to sit and relax while enjoying the amazing view of toronto. The structure of Vue De I’île is constructed with the use of steel due to its high strength in both tension and compression. For that, we modeled a design that is evened out in an organized manner by having 2 pathways, a viewing section and is also accessible to boats for loading and dropping off. The use of an arch provides a supporting system that helps to transfer weight as well as being the main showpiece of a design due to its simplicity. As for tensile connections, they help to support and stabilize the bridge while framing the city. Steel is a material that is known for being heavy and poor when dealing with water but Vue De I’île is designed to showcase structure, stability, elegance, and a finish that increases the landscape surrounding it, providing an experience that is worth remembering.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.