Brianna Vaga, Daniela Della Siepe, Theresa Farmer, Zayd Patel, Cesar Barahona
Vancouver Affordable Housing Challenge:
Container Village

With the rapid urbanization, need for global sustainability, and lack of affordable housing in cities around the world we are faced with the challenge of rethinking the nature of our built environment. Container village aims to provide healthy living in Vancouver through the core values of personal, community/social, and environmental health. It also aims to help resolve the affordable housing crisis in Vancouver through the use of upcycled shipping containers, specifically the contents of containers lost from a freighter off Vancouver Island in October 2021.

The container village stacks and blends commercial, residential, and community gathering spaces that all overlook Hadden Beach. The design increases density, creates social connectivity, contributes to a walkable city, and expresses sustainable practices throughout. Personal health is achieved through the incorporation of passive design ideas including daylighting and ventilation, amenities to improve quality of life including gyms and outdoor spaces, accessible design, and ocean views. Community/social health is achieved through the incorporation of gathering and activity spaces that provide community engagement. Environmental health is achieved through the incorporation of green elements to enhance living styles, private green spaces to improve community health, low carbon practices, renewable energy resources, active/passive house design, and repurposing of materials.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.