Connor Bartlet, Aidan Chui, Kathleen Crisol, Mathieu De Pompa, Jack Letros, Sheerin Moshtaghizadeh
Timber in the City: KOMOREBI

Atlanta is a space of rich history, culture, diversity, and nature, but lacks the urban structure to effective-
ly utilize and cohear these valuable resources. In an aim to bring these qualities together, Atlanta’s new urban habitat will provide the platform necessary to achieve these goals.

Utilizing mass timber as its primary material, this development interacts with its community with three main programs: short-stay-housing, a community focused centre, and a marketplace.

Through the concept of “Komorebi”, a Japanese word to describe light glimmering through trees in a dense forest, this development expresses its dynamic and expressive structural features through various light wells, glazed with a transparent wood composite material, each unit and space will experience its own effect of Komorebi. This, in combination with a curved, undulating wood ceiling system, structural honesty is demonstrated from the first moment one experiences the space in its most organic form.

All while focusing on connection to surrounding establishments and the MARTA Arts Centre Station, this development will address the sloped topography of the site in a way that seems natural and complementa- ry to the existing urban fabric.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.