Alvin Huang, Jackson Warwick, Luca Castellan
A Bridge to a View:
Mistik Bridge

The Mistik Bridge walking bridge is an example of the abundance of possibilities with the use of steel. Nestled in an old growth forest along the west coast of Vancouver Island, the Mistik Bridge encounters all the elements of the natural world while containing a motif of ecological protection. It preserves, neighbors, as well as showcases a select few of the remaining 1% of old growth trees, giving people the opportunity to connect with the ecosystem and truly experience the scale and importance of the native wildlife. The lower topography around the site begins to overflow with water with the rise of sea levels and constant tides. Marshes, moss lands, and caves begin to fill with water and the walking bridge allows for safe travel above this site, as a way of protecting both the people from the environment and the environment from the people.

It merges three cliff sides where, without the bridge, safe encounters with the site would be hazardous. The way the Mistik Bridge is so safe is due to the steel rock bearing foundation compressed into the edges of the cliff, and steel tension rods supported by clevisies which form a sturdy suspension walking bridge.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.