Clark Ho, Loay Malik, Jake Levy
Urban Chair: PLUG N PLAY

This urban piece of street furniture is composed of several elements (chairs, tables, and lights) that adhere to the public and environment. The Rubik’s cubes form, various configurations, and personal interaction inspired the construction of the Plug n Play.

This urban chair represents relaxation, recreation, configuration, and customization. The blue cubes supply the structure with support, power, and positioning. The red cubes provide an area for public sup- port (i.e., working, eating, and chess table, etc.). The green cubes offer an infinite number of configuration options for the chairs within the environment.

Plug n Play will be constructed using high-density concrete, photovoltaic sheets, LED sheets, polycar- bonate, aluminum framing, magnetic and steel connections. The center contains a battery that stores and emits energy. First, the solar panels will collect energy. Second, the power with be stored within the central battery. Third, the energy will be distributed to the cubes, through a wireless magnetic panel. The cubes may be magnetically attached to the structure and can be removed within seconds.

The LED lights within the cubes will glow throughout the night. Sparking curiosity among the user, leading to frequent user interactions.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.