Susan Ngo, Erika Wong, Emily Liu
Urban Chair: CUTOUT

Street furniture is often used to improve the quality of public spaces and to provide a sense of place. CUTOUT re-imagines the idea of street furniture and aims to elevate human experiences regardless of its surrounding environment. Through the exploration of human movements and ergonomics, cutouts have been designed in a series of modular walls to reflect and support human activities within a public environment. The project serves as an interactable installation, where users can sit, stand, lean, lie down, or even simply pass through the contours of the cutouts. Its flexibility and versatility allow all age groups to interact with it however they like to. Even when not in use, it can elevate the surrounding environment and serve as public art through its bright, playful colours. The placement and organization of the walls can be oriented differently depending on its situated location to change the overall experience, for instance a linear formation on city streets versus a more scattered arrangement in open public parks. With the four templates, the walls can be rotated, mirrored, or layers to produce different combinations to suit any environment. CUTOUT is designed to promote social interaction as it requires human interaction to fill its voids, becoming one unified piece.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.