Iqan Elmasri, Kristen Sarmiento, Nicole Suen, Katherine Tomory, Yulin You
Birdwatching in the Chester Meadows: Haven

The Chester Meadows located along River Dee in Chester, UK is home to an abundance of wildlife consisting of aquatic life, ground and river birds, and small mammals. Haven consists of two pavilions. The first water pavilion overhangs the River Dee, allowing one to extensively connect to and observe the aquatic animals, while the second tower pavilion elevates the user to the trees to reconnect and interact with the nature above.

The design aims to give back to the natural site by providing extensive shelter and breeding opportunities within the structure of the pavilions itself. The railings, overgrown with various species of plants to cater to differing dietary needs of the diverse bird species, provide pockets for shelter and nests. This allows for a unique opportunity for bird watchers to intimately observe the animals.

Haven is an extension of its landscape and is sensitive to its environment through its flightless, swooping form that merely sits on the site. Panoramic views are provided and shelter is incorporated through the various floor levels of the design. The design ultimately encourages the land to become a recreation ground for citizen use and is a reflective space for city dwellers.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.