Samiha Ali, Alia Bahomed, Ariana Corscadden, Anthony Maiorano, Narges Motevasseli, Shirley Yiran Yao
Port of Beirut Renewal:
Piecing Back the Port of Beirut

The renewal of the port of Beirut on sector 3 begins with multi-use residential units lining the waterfront. These low, mid and high rise buildings house the population of Lebanon’s capital city with commercial sitting at the street levels of most buildings. Just north of the residential space lies a community space with glass sculptures that can house art as a forever changing art gallery space near the port. Next to the gallery space is a sculpture- like pathway that runs along the water, the pathway is large enough for the public to step down closer to the water and have a seat or bike and walk along the organic pathway at grade. The main port where container ships used to exchange goods on the coast of the mediterranean is now home to a sporting field, a local market and a ferry terminal where ships may still enter, but for different purposes such as the movement of people rather than shipping-containers. Driving up to the ferry terminal stands is a large glass pavilion. Finally, at the end of the dock on the north- western point of the site is a place to contemplate and enjoy the memorial created by section.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.