Batool Alqasas, Mc Gall Baraceros, Evan Hills, Hunter Kauremszky, Giuseppe Scarola
Mextropoli 2022 Pavilion:
Niebla Radiante

The module is an interactive pavilion that celebrates and reintroduces social activity during Covid-19. Mexico City is one of the major cities that was hit significantly by the pandemic. With the population of this megacity, assurance of safety is still uncertain. But, as the restrictions begin to be lifted, this new public interactive pavilion aims to celebrate social activity and will aid in the transition back to the beloved bustling streets of Mexico.

There are three main social strategies to this design. First, the LED floor lights up a 2m radius when people interact with it and as restrictions lift people’s circles can blend. Second, pace allows for social distancing. The activities are spaced apart and can be used day and night to prevent overcrowding. Second, a colourful polycarbonate canopy that requires cooperation to rotate it produces an exciting dance of colour and shadows. Lastly, it releases mist which creates colourful refractions when interacting with the other elements that activates when enough occupants are present. This design is adaptable because of its modularity. The colours and materials exude a fun and playful atmosphere that Mexico is longing for.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.