Eric Hong, Julia Abraham, Caesar Adwan, Dharshana Muhanthan, Dana Elsayed
Port of Beirut Renewal:
Sector 4

The 2020 Beirut explosion took place on the fourth of August. This explosion caused tons of property damage worth billions of dollars, along with hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries. Given a section of the port, we wanted to create a place of remembrance and freedom. During our research, we learned that people are very restricted regarding public uses. For instance, they need to have specific passes to access certain sites.

Therefore, we ensured our zone had many community places to gather, such as an open leisure space and a community hub. To make the sector more affordable for our proposal and concept, we propose to reuse all the boulders and damaged materials from the explosion to create this cohesive place of memori- al. Given the idea “bring the port to the people, people to the port” we noticed on the site that the outskirts of our section have no direct way of entering the port. For that reason, we decided to add multiple roads to make the port more accessible to everyone and to emphasize the idea of “bringing the port to the people.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.