Muhammad Wamiq Alam, Yun Gao, Zoe Defrang, Alexandra Mallis, Dana Kim, Liam Roberts Birdwatching in the Chester Meadows:
chester path

The main intention with Chester Path is to creating a sanctuary for birds that also becomes a landmark for the U.K, while maintaining a relatively low environmental impact. The design pro- vides one main observatory tower & two smaller iterations connected by an elevated walkway that surround a man-made pond. The structure is designed and located in a way, where visitors are able to spectate the best views, bird watching areas, and even interact with the birds up close, with the platforms having many small details to encourage bird nesting within the structure itself. The northwest entrance is the most accessible area for visitors, which is in the direction of the nearest parking lot and transit. This is all done while remaining above water levels when the park floods. With these elements in place, Chester Path will allow birds to have a new place to call home/to feed, humans to experience an adventure close to nature, and have both species alike to connect on a higher level.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.