Letymer Taveras, Yasemin Ersoz, Sofiya Makarova
Urban Chair: ribbon

Communities are united through significant spaces, common purpose, and value. The Parkdale Amphitheatre is a critical part of the neighbourhood as it has the ability to bring everyone together in a place of embrace.

The Ribbon compliments the community of Parkdale as it enhances the reputation of Toronto’s most vibrant shopping district in an area that is so isolated. It brings the area an energetic charac- teristic that also amplifies the strong sense of unity throughout the people as it becomes a more interacting space.

This module is designed around this amphitheatre as the very colourful, vibrant Ribbon to fur- ther improve the use of space. It consists of multiple seats that accommodate people of all age groups. Children have the luxury to use this place as a playground, while the young adults and elderly can use it for social gathering purposes.

Consisting of a layer of firm recycled plastic as the main support of the structure, topped with more tender material, recycled rubber. The vibrant colours of the material along with the organic form the Ribbon takes, contributes to the community as it creates an additional space in Parkdale that is welcoming, playful, and allows the people of the area to interact on a greater level.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.