Tabitha Dolar, Kelly Bang
A Bridge to a View:
Crossing Times

Crossing Times emerges as a transition from the old to the new.

Located within one of Toronto’s most historic areas, St. Lawrence Market, this bridge will act as a connection to the currently developing building of St. Lawrence Market North. In 1803, the site was first introduced as a public market space and since then, has been evolved with other city uses such as City Hall, entertainment purposes and office space. While the St. Lawrence Market South building preserves a portion of Toronto’s history, the North structure is being redesigned once again with a four-storey atrium and will connect with St. Lawrence Hall.

The design of the bridge aims to link the existing and newly developed structure while displaying views to the city and St. Lawrence Hall. There are three accessible entrances to the bridge, two connecting to the North, their pathway is followed by a series of thick weathered steel rings that become thinner as the distance to the North building decreases. This dark orange steel matches the historic design of the old structure while an addition of glass becomes uniform with St. Lawrence Market North. The walk will provide views of the landmarks such as the CN Tower, Gooderham Building and St. Lawrence Hall.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.