Nicole Myslivec, Mark Boulos, Isabela Manglallan, Nathan Wen, Shwapnopurno Khan, Esho Tirkhan
Timber in the City: THE NEST

The addition to the Marta Station aims to create more communal engagement opportunities while creating an inviting and warm atmosphere to help aid in the revitalization of the community. The idea behind this design is inspired by a porous, nest and tree concept which allows for an open atmosphere. The design utilizes modular prefabricated wood systems to allow for future growth, adaptation, development of the area, while pushing the capabilities of constructing with wood. The general form of this design is based off of a diagrid “nest” with modular pods placed throughout, creating an elevated community for the residents. Vertical circulation is celebrated through the use of the solid forms and horizontal circulation is used to create connections throughout. The entire structure is covered with a canopy, inspired by the concept of trees, with a network of units within its “branches.” Furthermore, a rainwater harvesting system will be incorporated within the canopies above the structure to not only provide irrigation to the surrounding vegetation on the diagrid through a subtle waterfall, but to also provide water for other water systems such as a fountain. Any excess water will go to the reservoirs that are bio-filtered. The Community Centre is kept separate from the residential area and placed over the existing subway station to create easy access to all visitors. By diversifying the greenery in the area, incorporating a larger variety of activities, and providing communal engagement opportunities, this building will have a positive impact in the area’s revitalization.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.