Joy Kim, Aanshi Patel, Xinyun Zhang
Urban Chair: Treble

During recent times, interacting with one another and creating new relationships has become nearly impossible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People have developed more mental illnesses and tend to get nervous when put in social environments. Maintaining a safe distance from one another is a top priority to assure good health of the citizens.

Treble is primarily intended to be located in park settings, striving to offer innovative and safe public seating while reconnecting people in a secluded environment. The individual units are constructed with plywood frames and steel reinforcements so the module can be adjusted in different positions to accommodate for the user’s comfort. Each side allows for a person to interact with the seating in one of four ways, including sitting, reclining, sleeping, or leaning. Adding on to Treble’s multiple applications, a mesh net is fixed to one side, therefore creating a plane where one can lie down. This conceptual design is based on the integrity of a triangular form. Stemming from this idea, the shape was manipulated to facilitate the human body in an organic manner. Not only is Treble a piece of urban furniture, it also portrays a new identity for the site in which it resides.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.