Antonela Kelava, Olivia Ferreira, Cason Micallef, Santino D’Angelo Rozas, Andrea Mata Celis, Anam Khaja
Mextropoli 2022 Pavilion:

The Varying Realities pavilion looks to shine a light on the extreme social inequality found in Mexico City, caused by a disproportionate distribution of wealth among its citizens. This results in the marginalization of those living below the poverty line, which seek shelter in informal settlements across the city. Oftentimes, this disparity in economic status is reflected by a clear physical division between the formal and informal developments. Through the use of rotating planks placed on steel pipes, interactive for the public and representative of ‘the wealthy’ and ‘the unwealthy’, the installation challenges and rebels against the social constructs and stigmas that are placed by society, ultimately challenging the belief that being rich is good, while being poor is bad. By giving the people the option to choose to gravitate towards the one they feel more attracted to, they are unconsciously challenged to leave aside these social constructs and pick solely on interest, given that, without class distinctions, we are all the same. Ultimately the installation looks to showcase a recurrent problem in society while providing a fun place for interaction and entertainment.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.