Celina Tran, Jumana Elamin, Rysa Braganza, Treya Vyas
Vancouver Affordable Housing Challenge:
1221 Thurlow St.

Theatre is a carefully crafted art where the structure of the show – including the sound, the set, the lighting, the music, and the performers – come together to create the experience we see on stage. People can have a greater appreciation for the masquerade of theatre if the mechanics are revealed to them. This play between veil and expose is paramount to appreciating both the function and the experience of theatre.

The intent is to juxtapose transparency with concealment to draw attention to and celebrate the dual nature of theatre: performance and production.

ASC301 challenged us to explore the possible means by which an architectural intention can manifest itself in a project. The brief of the project was to design a modest performance hall with a performance of our choice that conveys a clear manifestation of an architectural intention through the use of several means of architectural expression (i.e. materiality, form, light and shadow).

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.