Wanyi Zhang, Jeanna Mangubat, Selina Deng
A Bridge to a View: Extensions

This bridge is on the Indian Islands in the Eskasoni Indian Reserve, in Bras d’Or Lake, Nova Scotia. The proposed bridge connects Goat Island, which contains hiking trails, and extends these trails to some of the other Indian Islands that are currently not accessible with boats. This bridge reaches between the attainable and available to the isolated and untouched. This design of the bridge is inspired by the components of the sail boats often pictured at Bras d’Or lake.

Steel is capable of incredible spans when arranged in a space frame, which is used to help this bridge span the 400 m distance between islands. The other unique capability of steel is when steel is used in tension. Tension rods found in the covered resting areas of the bridge have a delicacy that is impossi- ble with any other material. This bridge is made up of space frame and tensile structures to maximize the advantages and characteristics of steel materials. A section of the bridge in the center is raised to accom- modate transportations such as boats and canoes.

This proposal bridge provides contributions to the community by providing a convenient access environment and enhance the experience when occupying.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.