Grace Chung, Esha Moddi, Carolina Ramirez Tenorio
Urban Chair: Revolve

The Revolve urban chair design aims to provide the public with an interactive and customizable seating experience. Located at Toronto’s waterfront at HTO Park West, the project includes twelve seats composed of leaning steel panels. Taking on an initially flat form, the design engages with the notion of solid and void to create various seating configurations. This is achieved through operable cut-out openings which provide users with four functional positions: lean, sit, slide, and rest. The versatility of the interactive design allows for a wide range of applications across all ages. An adult may configure the chair to lay or sit, whereas a child may find an opportunity to slide. Another operable component is seen through the revolving platform allowing for 360° rotation. This key element offers visitors autonomy to create different social zones and spaces for interaction depending on individual or group preference. In essence, the unique use of the operable installation creates a dynamic and constantly changing design, exploring the disruption of symmetry. Furthermore, Revolve acts as a sculptural art piece through its form and materiality. Inspired by colourful playground design, the project incorporates the use of vibrant colours through the painted steel panels and contrasting rubber flooring materials. In all, the Revolve project invites users to interact and further evolve its sculptural form.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.