Kimia Kalantari, Yi Chen He, Letzamani Lopez-Castillo, Nirav Mistry, Claire Mattei
Timber in the City: Timber Terraces

Atlanta, also known as “the city in a forest”, has driven our overall design and intentions, putting all of our focus towards a sense of community, greenery, and movement. We adapted our design to visually represent these traits, like the roots of a tree, including a skybridge to the metro station being yet an- other branch. As greenery is important in Atlanta, we decided to embrace what was missing in a rather urban site location. The design demonstrates movement through its protruding patterns on its exterior as well as through the connecting pathway leading back to the metro station itself, making transit eas- ily accessible. By analyzing the site before diving into the massing, we gained insight into the physical and super-physical components of Atlanta, revealing a need for natural light to be properly accessible, shown through our forms for the two main buildings that are not perfectly rectangular. With the influx of creativity in the immediate site context, we were able incorporate a unique structure and an outdoor podium for theatrical performances. Overall, our design and intentions blend together to create a form encouraging a breathable and transparent environment, working together with a warm, welcoming, and convenient community.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.