Ellen Chen, Janella Lasam, and Bronn Medford
Future Home:
Vista Parallels

Architecture as a medium is one that, by its nature, exists for great stretches of time. As such, the needs of those who go on to inhabit it will differ significantly as time goes on. To build for the future, the practice and implementation of architecture must be flexible. The estimated population of Canadian senior citizens in the year 2036 is expected to double its current volume and reach approximately 3.3 million. Thus the future of residential architecture must be able to fit the needs of this growing demographic, without the investment of a significant overhaul in the number of senior care facilities nationwide. The future of architecture must be that which allows the use to age in place. Garden suites are plots of land located in the yards of residences and can be either detached or attached to the main house that may become avenues. These locations could possibly be the ideal sites for future architecture suited for aging in place. Our project proposes a four storey building made for aging families. We propose each unit/floor to be catered to a different age group with a communal area in between. This is to provide a sense of privacy and individuality between the family members while also having a sense of unity between spaces. We believe that it is important for families to live in harmony together while aging in place, and this is what we envision the future of homes to be like.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.