Zhiwen Cai, Christopher Chinnici, Arturo Leguia, Xinrui Cai
Future Home:
Habitat Habilis - The Traveling Community

The design intent follows the evolution of the home into a compact yet comfortable, versatile, and affordable living space. The home is a machine for living and recent years have shown a demand for affordable homes within the increasingly tight confines of urban centers such as Toronto. Homes are becoming more compact, however, they are still personal spaces where one should be able to enjoy small intimate moments.

These future homes should provide a space for this intimacy alongside room for independent growth while remaining affordable, adaptable, and sustainable. With special consideration towards students and new immigrants, our aim is to design these homes with the added benefit of mobility, much like a suitcase, which allows its residents to pack up and move between sites set throughout the city. Our design allows for accessibility and affordable relocation throughout these sites when necessary. Ultimately, the future is always changing and architecture must change with it, thus, our future home embodies this constantly adapting and advancing nature through its versatility and innovation.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.