Raya Allahtaifei, Mikayla Burmania, Jacob Lyons
A Bridge to a View: relink

Highways were initially designed to connect suburbs to cities and to make life easier as the popularity and accessibility of the automobile grew. Today, although they do still shorten commute trips, suburbs are paved with rivers and streams of concrete that end up dividing other natural and man-made infrastructure from each other.

We have indicated four different sites, scattered throughout the GTA, that unfortunately have this condition. The chosen site for this project connects the heavily residential area west of the 400, to the more commercial area, including Canada’s Wonderland, east of the 400. The bridge that we are proposing is meant to relink what has been artificially separated.
While functionality and accessibility remain a priority, our design features elements that compliments the sites surrounding environments and becomes part of the user’s experience.

The structure and overall design of the bridge is inspired by the tectonics of a roller coaster which creates an illusion of twisting and turning, resembling a typical steel roller coaster track and emulates the experiences that users have while on one.
Our unique design can become key landmarks across the GTA for its modular design, which aids problems of accessibility in highly urban and populated areas.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.