Jack Dalgleish-Morel, Syed Raza, Anna Goncharouk
Urban Chair:
The Sustainable Urban Landscape

Physical and mental wellbeing are fundamental factors when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that stretching can help promote a healthy lifestyle while rWeducing anxiety and depression. We designed a form conducive to stretching so it can promote better physical and mental health amongst the community while not creating an environment that resembles a gym. The designed seating configurations are generated based on an analysis of forms that are conducive for stretching. These forms offer individuals an opportunity to stretch, relax, socialize and enjoy their local environment while being away from their devices. This urban seating system is intended to be deployed in various sections of the city. Parks, residential communities or commercial districts can all benefit from this urban furniture. The use of a plywood waffle system allows for strong easy to assemble furniture. 4ft by 8ft sheets of 3⁄4 inch plywood are the only material necessary to construct this furniture and the design makes use of all off-cuts leaving no waste. The cavities naturally created by the waffle structure allow for plants to grow within the bench and for precipitation to not collect on the benches’ usable surfaces. Hopefully this sustainable urban landscape can contribute to a renewed urban experience for individuals all around the world

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.