YEAR 3 & 4

Habiba Elmi & Sofiya Makarova—Ontario Associate of Architects Award

About the Award 
To recognize exceptional leadership through design excellence combined with innovative approaches to sustainability in an assignment or project.

A library is a vessel for knowledge. A story exchange is more; it aims to add meaning to people’s lives by supporting their instinct to immortalize significant information. In this story exchange, this support comes mainly in the form of diverse and polyvalent spaces, allowing all to write their story, whether it is through socializing, playing, or creating. However, to successfully engage others in exploring information, their environment must feel comfortable and safe. For this reason, the building dramatically prioritizes playfulness, delight, and warmth, achieved through material, form, and circulation. In addition to this, the project addresses the topics of sustainability, constructability, building performance, building as art, ambivalence, and more.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.