Jack Dalgleish-Morel

Bee Breeders: Virtual Home
METAHOUSE - The Digital Hearth

As we move into the metaverse, the age-old desires to understand our place in the world and to connect with others is as equally important as it has been in the past.

Historically, fire has been a central element in our lives. It meant a place of safety, a place where we can connect with others, storytell, and debate. This central element of fire within the home would remain a constant through the evolution of humanity.

Over the course of history, spiritual connection to a higher power was a means to understand our place in the world. The Oracle of Delphi would deliver prophecies after inhaling vapors from a deep chasm in the earth. This was considered communication with the Gods, making her one of the most influential people in Ancient Greece.

Communication with the Gods, storytelling, and debate are all simply ways we have tried to find comfort within the chaos of existence. We once again are in need of a grounding central element within the home that can be a tool for understanding where we stand in this new reality that is the Metaverse.

The Digital Hearth is a contemporary means to understand our purpose within this new landscape of the Metaverse. Each Digital Hearth reaches past the comprehensible simulated physicality of the Metaverse and taps into the infinitely vast stream of information that is the Internet. The Digital Hearth filters and flows a stream of personalized media through the home catalyzing connection and interaction between individuals.

This Digital Hearth will supply a flow of media that can be manipulated, stored, and experienced by users inhabiting this Metahouse. The conventional classification of living space has been replaced by gallery space while workspace has been replaced with studio space. These redefinitions are more suitable for the realities we will face while inhabiting the Metaverse.

Studio space is a space to create, design, explore and connect. Gallery space is a place to display the digital assets that make your Metahouse a home. 

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.