Jake Kroft
Urban Crevasse

The Urban Crevasse is a rock climbing gym located on Church Street, just north of Gerrard Street East. The design intent was to create an intimate, cavernous experience that is hidden amongst the urban environment, expressed through formal and spatial arrangements. The building’s modest form at grade contrasts the activity taking place inside. Public green space is provided on the site and is intertwined with the boulder-like formation of the building. Users must navigate to the lowest level to begin climbing, while catching glimpses of the activities taking place around them. Skylights penetrating the ground plane allow light into the subterranean space and provide views for pedestrians and climbers alike. Open levels created within the gym allow for an interconnection within the space and a potential for collaboration between climbers and spectators. This project was completed in the second year at Ryerson University.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.