Jana Stojanovska
Green Garden Homes:
Housing Co-operative
1 Madawaska St, Bancroft, ON

Located on 1 Madawaska Street , Green Garden Homes is a ten-unit townhouse complex. The townhouses have a staggered aggregation to address the sloping site conditions and maximize privacy for both interior and exterior dwelling spaces. The units are coupled in pairs, offering a variety of types that share the same architectural idea of verticality. The units’ orientation places the energy gardens on the south side, which maximizes daylight and permits passive heat gains in the home. Additionally, garden spaces are extended to the roof-top deck, which provides residents with an intimate outdoor space overlooking the park and York River. The Farmer’s Market, located on the corner of Madawaska Street and Alice Street, acts as a transition from Bancroft’s downtown core on Hastings Street and the residential zone on Alice Street. The Farmer’s Market opens up to the park, extending its activities to the outside during warmer seasons. The market promotes community building and gathering of townspeople, while giving visitors an opportunity to engage and support locally-grown fresh produce.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.