Jessica Iozzo

Competition: Port[lands] housing

The ARC 920 Competition Studio allows students to systematically delve into a competition of their choice. This project is a submission for the Vancouver Affordable Housing Challenge Bee Breeders competition. The competition program asks for participants to design a replicable concept for affordable housing within Vancouver, with no limit to the scale or amount of residential units needed. 

Vancouver is in the throes of a housing crisis. Strict zoning guidelines in protection of Vancouver’s Single Family Dwellings (SFD) has led to a reliance on corporate vertical development, scarcity in buildable land beyond the city and a deeply unaffordable housing market. With development policy locked beneath layers of bureaucratic rhetoric, the issue of affordable housing narrows to scarcity of land and forms of ownership. Rather than looking towards open market land acquisition and expropriation of occupied land, this proposal seeks to construct new ‘land’ by engaging the potential of Vancouver Harbor and its ports.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.