Justin Arbesman and Michael Choi

St. Thomas Cathedral

What is the modern ecclesiastical typology? The tension between tradition and innovation is set at the heart of our concept.

Focusing around a multitude of thresholds akin to the original Hebraic tabernacle, our church aims to transport the user's perceptions from the chaotic realm of our time to a place of sacred contemplation through the careful articulation of materials and volumes.

We employed a traditional ecclesiastical material vocabulary of brick and marble to maintain the delicate and sacred specifications of the SSPX while pushing each material into the modern era.

Parametrically organized brick walls capture the faint rays of light over their curvilinear surfaces. These undulating brick walls elevate ceremonial processions as your perspective alters the lighting condition through the gaps of each brick.

Thin sheets of marble laminated within glass blanket the entire volume with a yellow and orange glow as a reimagining of stained glass.

The tridentine mass is focused solely on god - this is why the celebration of mass is done before the altar. We focused on having the altar itself as part of the architecture. It should be considered integral to the church itself as it is the element that all else must accommodate toward.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.