Lauren La Mouri—GreenSaver Roger Algie Scholarship

About the Award
For the highest CGPA in third year studies.


This project was done in conjunction with Chantal Shahmoordian.

The Junction Triangle was an industrial area with a focus on production long before becoming what it is today. With the opening of MOCA and the present demographics of occupants of the area, Toronto’s Junction Triangle has proven itself to be an up and coming area for artists. This makes it an appropriate site for a satellite campus for OCAD U.

The design uses select angles that are superimposed in the composition of the plans throughout the building and determine the placement of the load bearing walls. These angles create a fragmented grid in plan. The program responds to the historical uses and demands of the proposed satellite campus. At first the project may seem disjointed, but the design reflects the nature of the Junction where the site has been a place where activities and artists work together in collaboration. The building seeks to create a clean canvas where the activities occurring inside are celebrated rather than in competition with each other.


Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.